About Ray_Laurence

My photographic inspiration is derived from the works of the great pioneers such as Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and most recently Vincent Versace. I call them pioneers because each of them has brought new dimensions to the art of photography. I love the technical aspects of the art, such as the Zone System, metering, composition, but now, I also enjoy the creative aspects that are enabled by Photoshop and the many filters and plug-ins that are available today. The creative tools, allow us to expand our creativity to levels never even imagined a few decades ago.

Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I have access to the beautiful Columbia Gorge, spectacular Oregon, and Washington Cascades, the unique and colorful Oregon High Desert Country, and the sensuous Oregon Coast, all in just three hours or less.

I believe a photograph enables us to capture a moment in time, so that we and others may savor that moment forever. The instant the shutter closes, a moment in history is recorded, and hopefully, a vision is realized.